ZINZER Quartz sinks & Granite sinks are made with unique polymerization casting technology under stringent Time-Temperature-Pressure conditions. A highly equipped laboratory monitors & controls primary preparation of various base materials. A blend of Acrylics, Quartz, Granite, cross-linking agents, initiators is homogeneously mixed in Temperature controlled jacketed S.S. tanks & Pressure vessels. The unique matrix of sink materials is polymerized inside the highly polished molds under very stringent Time-Temperature-Pressure condition by a computerized control panel.

The complex molding technology & the automated control system for monitoring process parameters ensures highly strong and unique material properties for ZINZER Quartz sinks & Granite sinks.

ZINZER believes in Sustainable Development & constantly strives to find new methods & techniques of production through research & development so as to protect & preserve the Environment



Kruti insists on Quality in whatever they do, be it Products, Working Methods or Personnel Development.

Kruti has a highly equipped laboratory to monitor, control & prepare various material structures for ZINZER kitchen sinks. It is also equipped with specially qualified People to conduct continuous R & D to upgrade & to develop newer material structures for ZINZER kitchen sinks.

ZINZER kitchen sinks go through two stages of very thorough & stringent Quality Checks.

A team of Quality control people inspect each ZINZER kitchen sink for any flaws in the Quality of sinks in material structure, casting defects once the Sink is produced. ZINZER kitchen sink goes through the second stage of Quality Inspection to check for machining marks etc. Only after thorough inspection for Quality control, the ZINZER Quartz sinks & Granite sinks are transferred for packing.

Kruti incorporates training programs to ensure the quality standards are constantly maintained and enhanced overtime.

Kruti aims at achievement of customer satisfaction by improving the high standards of its products & services.